pronounced ahhh-shaw

Free Spirit - Earth Loving 

~ Herb Friendly ~ 

✌Tree Hugging Hippy✌

🌟 50 & Foxy

🌟 Native American + Irish  

🌟 Slender yet Curvy 

🌟 Tall --> 5'9"

🌟140 pounds 

🌟 All Natural SpectacularDD

🌟 Legs Legs Legs 

🌟 Small Waist - Huge Choo Choo

〰️My Vibe〰️ 

I'm on a daily quest for Zen

I like to be super chill, relaxed, and in a enlightened state of mind, so I can bring you into my space and share that energy with you 

In order to do that I spend a good amount of time doing things that feed my soul and enlighten me

My Passions

I ❤Music and Dancing

I've Hula'd in Hawaii, 

I've Salsa'd in New York

I've danced professionally

but I really enjoy the privacy 

of my home where I can 

turn the music up 

and dance around naked 

I adore hanging out, and loving on my dogs I have a cat too, but he hangs out with me if he feels like it 

Gardening Vegi's and Purdy Flowers

something about getting dirty and growing stuff makes me so happy 

maybe it's the Yummy Tomatoes 

I Love to do recycled art

Yes darling, I am not above dumpster diving in the name of art and recycling 

I walk walk walk 

most days I take 2 walks


I do yoga and meditate daily 

Keeps me balanced and blissful

so I can share that 

Happy Hippy Vibe with You 

and Help You find your Zen

Born and Raised in Washington 

in a Anti War Anarchist Commune. 

Not so rare for WA, and the 70's. 

I grew up with no electricity and no running water completely off the grid


My Family lived by

Why lock your door when everything you have your willing to give

I really feel the way I was raised plays into what I provide for you. I grew up with no television and had no commercial, corporation, or government  influences making me remarkably unique

I grew up without the evil influences of greed.

"Greed is a bottomless pit which exhauts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction" 

Erich Fromm

When I was 16 years old, I left Washington and the Commune and moved to Hawaii 

~Aloha nui loa~ 

20 Beautiful years in Hawaii

A piece of my ♡ is still there!

I've lived in WA, Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, New York, and South Carolina.

I lived in a Van on road for 3 years with the goal to spend a good amount of time in every single state in this country. 

✅Goal Obtained (sweet)

What is a Hippy 

Well it seems that "hippy" has a variety of meanings and a whole lot of stereotypes. 

To Me 

It is Not How You Dress 

It is Not What You Look Like 

~Hippy is a State of Mind~ 

♡Love All♡

♡Respect All♡

Treat Others 

How You 

Want to be Treated 


is your Brother and your Sister 

~ Even if they don't look like you ~

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