It Greatly Effects 

the Quality 

of Our Time Together


🔹️  Shower is Mandatory  🔹️ 

Very Important & Appreciated 

Wash Your Ass Crack, 

Balls, and Penis With Soap   

If You Choose to Skip the Soap 

I will Skip Sucking Your Dick 

 I have a very sensitive nose, 

and I am a super clean person

Smelly, Stinky Balls Gross Me Out

You Want to Partake of G.F.E. ? 


I provide 3 kinds mouthwash 

and the cute lil cups  

How to Use Mouthwash

  1. Start by pouring the right amount out of the bottle. ...
  2. Rinse vigorously for 30 seconds, making sure that the mouth wash comes into contact with all areas of your teeth.
  3. Gargle for 30-60 seconds, in order to ensure that your mouthwash can deal with bacteria at the back of the tongue.
  4. Spit out the mouth wash.

🔹️ Please Pay My Donation Up Front 

When you first enter my Incall 

I'll take you to my treatment Room

There, you will see a crystal bowl 

Place Donation in 

No Envelopes Please 

🔹️ Please Don't Get Stoned in 

Your Car Before We Meet  

~Please Come Inside and Smoke~ 

calming your nerves beforehand  

can only enhance your relaxation 


variety of smoking apparatus's

supplied for you

Please inform me when booking 

So I can have everything ready for you

🔹️For My Safety 

No Bags or Backpacks   

Leave your Laptop in Your Car

Please show up Empty Handed 

 🔹️Being Too Early is Not a Good Thing 

Go find a starbucks or park near me, 

and show back up at our scheduled time 


Please don't put it on just for me 

I have allergies  

I understand if you put it on already


🔹️Your Fingers and My Kitty

Please use a Nail file 

and Smooth Your Nails Out

or go get a Manicure 

My Lady parts Do Not Like jagged nails 

🔹️Rough Play

Bruising and Biting


I Absolutely HATE when Men try to Physically Squeeze me,  Slap my Ass, or Pinch, or Bite me.  You'll get 1 warning, do it again and appointment will end, and I keep your money